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Our goal is to raise $900 000!


Let's come together as a family

Lay your brick in the World Changers Church Gold Coast foundation by making a donation today. Support our family at World Changers Church Gold Coast, Australia by helping them secure the property. Your donation will enable them to continue making a tangible difference in their communities by ministering the Gospel of Grace! The Grace Project: Gold Coast is not just a building, but a vision of grace and by us coming together as a family to raise funds for the purchase of the property.

Where do we start?

With your help, our goal is to acquire a specific property to build a refuge for women and a training center, not only to equip people spiritually but also physically. The new location will provide a place for the youth by having a youth center on the property to impact this generation as well as set the pace for generations to come.

A growing testimony

Pastors Kyle and Tina Self, originally from World Changers Church in New York, were sent over to Australia in September 2016 with a mission!

Upon arrival, there were only 8 people in the church and it was on the verge of closing. They clearly heard from God that they needed to be intimate with the Word, teach the gospel of grace, be intimate with worship, and to care for the people with the love of Christ. The church grew to exceed capacity at their current location, with many testimonies of God healing vision, ears, lungs, etc. The testimonies continue to grow each week.

When any need arises, we pray and ask God. That is what Pastor Kyle and Tina did and God spoke to Pastor Kyle and told him that, "there is land out there with World Changers' name on it". After viewing multiple potential properties that far exceeded what they could purchase in the natural, Pastor Kyle resounded what God had spoken to him, "there is land with World Changers' name on it" and went to his office to find an email received from a church selling the property.

We believe this property will be the international campus in the Asia Pacific Region for World Changers Church.

Ask God, how can you give to the Grace Project as it is not about a Church, it is about a vision of grace.

Our goal is to raise $900 000

A 5-stage building plan

Currently the land already has an existing church building with an additional children’s ministry building. And, as God supplies, they still plan to build the following:

  • Women refuge
  • Admin building
  • Youth centre
  • Skills centre